White-Label Atlassian Marketplace App Development Services

Atlas Bench uses the power of Atlassian Forge to streamline the transformation of your ideas into premier Atlassian Marketplace apps, guiding you from initial concept to a successful launch in the marketplace, with a focus on seamless integration, testing, security, and support.

Strategy Development

We understand that every groundbreaking app starts with a solid strategy. Our Strategy Development service is tailored to help you refine your app idea, identify market gaps, and align with the Atlassian ecosystem's best practices. We’ll collaborate with you to:

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Define your app’s unique value proposition.

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Research your target audience and competitors.

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Determine monetization and marketing strategies.

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Establish key performance indicators for success.

Analysis and Planning

Our Analysis and Planning phase lays the foundation for your app’s lifecycle. With Atlas Bench, you gain access to expert consultants who will:


Conduct a technical feasibility study.


Plan the app’s architecture within Forge’s serverless environment.


Identify the APIs and Atlassian services your app will utilize.


Create a detailed roadmap, including milestones and deliverables.

UI/UX Design

We sculpt user experiences that resonate within the Atlassian ecosystem. Our UI/UX Design service delivers aesthetic designs, functional wireframes, and prototypes, all refined through user feedback to ensure intuitive and engaging app interfaces.

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App Development

Our App Development service is the core of our offering. Our dev team is equipped with:

Expertise in Forge’s FaaS (Function-as-a-Service) for efficient backend development.

The ability to leverage Forge’s UI Kit or Custom UI for your frontend needs.

Continuous integration and delivery practices for rapid and reliable code deployment.

Proficiency in building scalable, secure, and maintainable code.


Quality assurance is integral to our process. Through our Testing service, we ensure:

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Security and vulnerability assessments to uphold the highest safety standards.

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Comprehensive test plans covering unit, integration, and functional testing.

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Automated and manual testing routines to ensure robust performance.

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Load testing to validate your app’s performance under stress.

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We ensure a seamless transition from the development phase to a live environment. Our deployment strategy includes setting up automated pipelines for consistent rollouts, configuring staging environments to mirror real-world usage, conducting thorough launch readiness assessments to verify all systems are operational, and coordinating with Atlassian to ensure your app meets all listing and compliance criteria.


Support and Performance Monitoring Continued Excellence Post-Launch

After your app’s launch, our Support and Performance Monitoring services ensure sustained success with:

24/7 monitoring of app performance and user feedback.

Regular updates and feature enhancements in line with the Atlassian ecosystem.

Proactive troubleshooting and customer support resolutions.

Performance analytics to guide future development and marketing strategies.

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